Who We Are?

We are a student centered independent school founded by professionals graduated from University of South California (USC) University of California in los Angles (UCLA) San Francisco (UCSF), Michigan, Georgia Tech, Temple, Harvard & Stanford Universities with the goal to provide the best academic program, embracing the power and reach of the digital era without losing sight of the most powerfult technology of all, the power of human interaction and ability to inspire.


Student Centered Activities

We provide a student-centered and balanced experience in academics, arts, sciences, athletics and community service.


Caring & Creative Citizens

We prepare all our students to become caring, creative & critical citizens.


Thriving in Tomorrow's World

Our students have the physical, mental, academic and social preparation to thrive in tomorrow's world and inspire future generations

American School Facilities at a Glance

Modern facilities for Panama future's leaders



Our curriculum and extra curricular activities are diverse & fun enough to atract and invite to enjoy to a large amount of students with different interests & hobbies..


Dedicated Student Areas

Nursing room, chess room,  cafeteria, swimming pool, playground, auditorium, children play park, library, soccer & basketball fields.


Infiormation Technology

Modern laboratories with state of art equipments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. A kitchen garden to teach farming practices, Language lab , Robotics Lab , 3 D printers and many more…

American School
World Class Education

The traditional system of education was designed in the industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective. 
STEAM education is the way to prepare student for life

2022 Academic Year 
Admissions are Open!

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